Vampire facelift – what is this method and what are its effects?

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Vampire facelift – what is this method and what are its effects?

Vampire facelift – what is this method and what are its effects?

Vampire facelift – what is it?

Lifting a vampire-rich plasma injections skin. Platelet rich plasma (from the English platelet-rich plasma, or PRP for short) is in turn processed preparation obtained from blood, which – if it is executed correctly – has regenerative properties.

To vampire facelift uses the blood of the person on which surgery is performed. The downloaded material syringe after specialist preparation is injected into the patient’s skin – usually the face and neck, but also the neck, hands and head.

What effect has a cause vampire facelift? The treatment is advertising promises of eliminating wrinkles, smoothing skin, removing skin lesions (eg, discoloration and acne scars after undergoing). Platelet-rich plasma therapy has also accelerate skin regeneration and help in removing stretch marks and hair loss treatment. Overall, the vampire facelift aims to rejuvenate the patient.

Vampire facelift – course

Lifting vampire begins with the collection of blood person with whom will be executed (you need to be on an empty stomach). Blood is taken from the patient’s vein. Next, a blood product, which is used for the treatment platelet rich plasma – is separated from the blood plasma and added special reagent.

After these two steps start key part vampire lifting, the puncturing portion of the skin and injecting it plasma. The specialist performing the procedure puts a needle in a patient’s skin to a depth of a few milliliters. Injecting a plasma-rich rejuvenate the skin by stimulating the cells to increased collagen production and vessels. In a word – vampire facelift is designed to stimulate the natural physiological processes.

During the procedure the skin prick blood appears, which may cause some patients discomfort. Is the vampire facelift hurt? Some patients say that was only slightly unpleasant, and others that felt more or less the pain of pricking. Fortunately, before the procedure you can opt to use anesthetic cream or gel, a place that has to be subjected to treatment.

The procedure takes tens of minutes up to one hour. Convalescence after a well-made vampire facelift is not very long; the skin is usually slightly swollen, red and tender, but after a few days everything returns to normal.

Vampire facelift – effects, before and after

Many people are asking whether the vampire facelift works, how it looks before and after the skin. Some patients who has undergone treatment, says that the results vampire facelift can be seen after a few days – the skin looks fresher, more rested. The effects of platelet-rich plasma injections to persist up to one and a half year. Specialists who perform vampire facelift, recommend further such treatments.

Vampire facelift has not only advantages but also disadvantages. They stem mostly from the fact that undergo surgery are people who have a contraindication to him, that is, for example, cancer or blood diseases, pregnancy, breastfeeding, intake of certain medications. In such cases, the surgery can lead to complications. Usually, however, the side effects are subtle – mainly redness of the skin, its temporary hypersensitivity or bruises resulting from punctures. Vampire facelift is considered safe.

Vampire facelift – at what age it is best to choose?

For whom is a vampire facelift? Platelet-rich plasma therapy is recommended for people who are aged 30 years. The desired effects will not be in the elderly over the age of 60 years. The treatment is not recommended, therefore, very young people and seniors.

Vampire facelift – price

How much vampire facelift? The price depends on many factors. The most important role plays the part of the body, the vampire facelift is performed. It is usually the most expensive facelift scalp. It’s also the reputation of the office or the city in which it is located, is also a key level of services and trust enjoyed by specialists in the study. However, you can assume that the price vampire facelift ranges from $600 to $2,000 for the procedure (of course it can happen that the surgery would be cheaper or more expensive than those listed here fork).

Vampire facelift – which made him a star?

Vampire lifting largely propagated Kim Kardashian. Celebrity in 2013 surrendered to the vampire facelift as part of the reality show “Kourtney and Khloe go to Miami.” Internet Instagram picture with her, which showed its bloody face after surgery. Photography quickly became wiralem.

Five years later, in 2018, Kim confessed that she was a vampire facelift was very painful and would not do it a second time. “Just before surgery I found out that I’m pregnant, so I could not use any anesthetic or analgesic cream” – wrote in his blog star. “It was really hard for me and painful.

In case the surgery 2,019 years Kim Kardashian once again gained notoriety – celebrity accused the doctor who performed her vampire facelift unlawful use of its trade mark. The star was not pleased with this, among other things, that Charles Runels advertised their treatment of her name on his office website. Vampire facelift also passed, among others, actress Bar Refaeli, celebrity Keira Maguire and actor, writer, singer and Rupert Everett.