Using perfume, almost all make this mistake. Smell is changing and shorter persists

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Using perfume, almost all make this mistake. Smell is changing and shorter persists

Using perfume, almost all make this mistake. Smell is changing and shorter persists

Perfumes are not only clothes as the second element and not only finishing creation. Thanks to them we feel more confident, more attractive, we establish social contacts easier – we simply better. Besides the smell creates our image. That is why it is so important to feel the smell of a favorite perfume as long as possible katies mind. Our habits are not conducive to this – especially one of the most common mistake when applying perfume. He draws the attention of Francis Kurkdjian.

How to use perfume scent to linger longer? The most common mistake

– You know that the correct applying perfume depends entirely on the environment in which they are worn, and the outfit to which they relate? – notes on the pages of “Vogue” perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. In his opinion, the most common mistake you commit, using perfume, is sprinkling wrists, and then rubbing them.

– Rubbing wrists causes heating of the skin that produces natural enzymes. They are changing the course of oxidation smell. This action makes the scent loses its clarity. To perfume persisted longer on the skin simply sprayed both wrists and let the smell “blend” in the skin – can Kurkdjian.

Another mistake is applying perfume on dry skin. Expert suggests, therefore, that prior to their application to impose a body lotion having the same composition odorless perfume or lotion, or oil.

How to use perfume: places in which to apply scent and how?

Perfume is best applied to the exposed parts of the body and where the skin is particularly heat (which intensifies the smell). So best to use perfume around the neck, wrists, bend elbows, under earlobes, behind the knee, in the chest area.

The best body spray them from a distance of approx. 20 cm from the skin. It is worth remembering that when rozprowadzimy perfume on a larger part of the body, the smell will linger longer than when it will be placed liberally in a small area.

Perfumes can be used not only on the skin. A good idea is to spray the perfume of delicate hair brush and comb the hair slightly damp it.

How to use the men’s fragrances?

Using perfume, men should remember to use them sparingly, and to sprinkle their body, not clothes. Perfume or perfumed water is best applied on the neck, wrists and elbows bend, which we wrote above. In the case of cologne or toilet – they can also be applied to the torso.

It is widely accepted that the smell of perfume and other “perfume” we choose the time of day, dress and occasion. Perfumes and perfumed water, especially heavier-dominant scents are best suited for the evening or winter. Light fleeting notes usually are reserved for the day.

Some experts encourage to attempt to change – as of perfumes to choose a more expressive for the evening and put on something lighter.

How to store perfume to smell was permanent?

To preserve the stability of odor and clarity is important not only the way of administration, but also the proper storage of perfume. – Perfumes are very sensitive to temperature changes – such fluctuations make the product is aging faster – explains Francis Kurkdjian. Perfumer reminds you not to leave bottles of perfume in the sun.

In his opinion, the best place to store perfume is a box in which they were originally packed. Also encourages buying smaller bottles, especially if you often reach for different odors. It is worth to buy them in small bottles, thanks to retain freshness longer.