The bigger the waist, the harder it is to choose a wardrobe

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The bigger the waist, the harder it is to choose a wardrobe

The bigger the waist, the harder it is to choose a wardrobe

Young man with a generally lean silhouette, but with a much protruding belly – a common sight. Can you be obese normal weight?

There are disease entity such as an obese person of normal weight – the so-called latent obesity. This is a condition where the patient has a normal weight of the BMI, and the body composition shows a significant amount of adipose tissue or visceral adiposity. That is why it is very important to carry out the study of body composition by BIA. It is much more accurate than simply measuring total body weight.

What threat to health inherent in having donuts on your stomach?

Sam oponka not so bad, of course, beyond the aesthetic issues. However, if we are talking about increased visceral fat, which is located in the abdomen beneath the muscle, then we can have health threat.

Why excess visceral fat is harmful?

Because the overgrown with internal organs such as liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, which impairs their performance. The increased amount of visceral fat increases the risk for all metabolic diseases, which include type II diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, gout, stroke, myocardial infarction, and even oncological diseases.

My guess, however, that the majority of men seek help, only when health begins to fail them … Mr top mum links. react earlier?

Because abdominal obesity is not only a problem for men, right? Obesity can touch everyone regardless of sex or age. Unfortunately, at the present time we have more and more obese children, which does not bode optimistic about their adult patients życie.Wśród dietician still dominated by women, who are naturally more care about their health and appearance. Gentlemen, unfortunately, the report is a little late, often after unsuccessful attempts to slim independent. Keep in mind that prevention, ie preventing the excessive body fat is much easier than dieting, then weight maintenance.

And if the patients there are also children?

Yes, there are. However, this is often compared to the percentage of obese children. Working with children is different from adults, because the child does not see so much the relationship between food consumed and him alone. In addition, parents and grandparents are largely responsible for what you give your child to eat. Here, the work consists of educating the whole environment around the child and the family often observed among some kind of discharge of liability for another family member.

As far as weight gain is most often used a body mass index (BMI). Is abdominal obesity are some additional determinants?

BMI is the most universal indicator only takes into account growth and overall body weight, so it is very well suited for use in the assessment of population, and if we consider a particular person, you should always take into account other indicators. As for the diagnosis of abdominal obesity, it works well WHR, the ratio of waist to hip. If the result is greater in women than 0.8, and a man greater than 1, then we are talking already about the type of abdominal obesity, android obesity. However, this is not the same as visceral fat. To determine specifically what is its level in the body, the BIA should do research or even more precise, they are magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography or X-rays – DXA densitometry. However, studies are quite expensive and often unnecessarily aggravating the patient’s harmful rays.

When should now seriously take back? How to act in order to be healthy weight loss?

It is best to take care of yourself in order to prevent the formation of excessive amounts of fat in the body. Keep in mind that a person who at least once in life was overweight and obesity and later returned to a normal body weight, is much more predisposed to assume the weight compared to a person who has always had the correct mass ciała.Najlepiej is a simple way home once a week, preferably in the morning before breakfast after going to the toilet, measure their weight. In this way you can easily capture the moment when something is wrong with our weight and appropriately react quickly.

How to act? First of all, look at your own habits, and not one particular meal. Regularity is very important. We should eat at least three meals a day. The most common mistake is not eating all day, and then make up for this evening. Not infrequently, the indulgence evening snack. The body reacts very badly to provide such a large amount of calories in a short time in the evening and starvation for most of the day. Even if we were to eat something not very healthy, but it would be distributed throughout the day, the body can easily handle it.

Excess fat in the abdominal muscle is commonly referred to as beer. Is actually on its formation is influenced by the amount of alcohol you drink?

The problem is not alcohol itself, but the amount of easily digestible carbohydrates. Beer contains a lot of carbohydrates with high glycemic index, which affects easy on the body fatness. In fact, all products with high GI foods eaten in large quantities (because the portion size is key here) affect tycie.Jeśli As for the alcohol, its effect is to damage the liver, and as a idzie- reducing its efficiency while also processes metabolic disorders.