Splat Special

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Splat Special

Splat Special

Each toothpaste series SPLAT SPECIAL contains a unique set of active components, it has a unique color and flavor, and also tells a little story based on the ideas and wishes of our customers. A series of toothpastes SPLAT SPECIAL responds to the different needs of our customers. They appreciate them both persons who during the selection of products for oral hygiene are guided by bleaching, protective and antibacterial properties, as well as those for whom it is important that effective but very gentle cleansing. SPLAT SPECIAL series is primarily paste action:

1. The complex (Gold and Stress-off);

2. bleaching and restoring the natural whiteness of the enamel (Blackwood, Black Lotus, Nordic Berries, Wonder White Extreme White);

3. virus (Silver and Love);

4. The leveling tooth sensitivity (Magnolia Dream);

5. The amplifying and recovering glass (Sea Minerals);

6. tend to the gums (Chili and Organic).

Their compositions are unique and exclusive of natural components such as plant extracts, essential oils, gold particles, silver ions, diamond powder, arginine, royal jelly, activated carbon bamboo, beads peroxide karmabidu and numerous enzymes and vitamins. They are free of irritating ingredients, abrasive enamel, synthetic antiseptics, and the contents of components responsible for creating the foam therein is reduced to a minimum.

This is what distinguishes toothpaste series SPLAT SPECIAL:

1. innovation and efficiency – produced under the control of convolution using a patented technology of innovative and original recipes. Their effectiveness has been confirmed by numerous clinical studies.

2. Natural composition – products contain 92-99% of the ingredients of natural origin.

3. Secure active components – contain no SLS and SLES, triclosan, chlorhexidine saccharinate or abrasive ingredients enamel.

4. Development of love and passion – products was devoted maximum attention at every stage of production, quality control and distribution.

5. Unique and expected – based on the suggestions of customers and tailored to their individual wishes.

6. Safety and environmental protection – SPLAT production is CO2 neutral status and environmentally friendly – ISO 14001 everyday makeup club. Products are manufactured in a modern factory located in a clean area Valadi.

7. Effective removal of enamel discoloration due to the innovative whitening system Sp. White System® and component Polydon®.

8. intense strengthening the enamel due to the presence of calcium hydroxyapatite (HAP) and calcium bioactive Calcis obtained from the egg shell.

9. Protection of teeth, anti-inflammatory and hemostatic.

10. Versatility – pastes are designed for everyday use.

11. Personal Service – available for both products with fluoride, and without it. They are composed so as to comply with a number of different consumer needs.

12. Created with respect for animals – toothpaste does not contain in their composition of products of animal origin. They were not, they are not and will never be tested on animals.

Who are products of a series SPLAT PROFESSIONAL?

In particular for active people who are looking for individuality and diversity, they strive for success and to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and everyday consumer choices when looking for such products that best reflect their selves.