Now it’s time for your skin! Autumn and winter – the best time to care for anti-aging.

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Now it’s time for your skin! Autumn and winter – the best time to care for anti-aging.

Now it’s time for your skin! Autumn and winter – the best time to care for anti-aging.

When the weather outside the window becomes less conducive to the activity in the outside, it comes time to thoroughly take care of the condition of your skin. Smaller favors UV treatments during this period in the field of care anti – aging. We see them not only more effective, but also the lack of side effects. What treatments choose to restore your complexion look healthy, devoid of both early and advanced signs of aging? How to take care of your skin, to make it fresh, radiant and tense? They advise experts from the Poznan Spa Baths in 1306 in Malta

United three or exfoliation, cleansing and regeneration

Year-round use sunblock certainly have a beneficial effect on our skin. However, the skin subjected to months by factors such as strong solar radiation or swimming in the sea, requires professional care. Exfoliation during the daily, home care is necessary, but does not replace professional treatment acids. The acids are appropriate form of care for all skin types, depending on the choice and type of their power. Exfoliating the stratum corneum, stimulate its reconstruction, accelerate the synthesis of collagen, moisturize and shallow wrinkles lifestyle articles. The skin not only regains its natural brightness and appearance, but it also becomes more susceptible to the action of active ingredients contained in creams, masks and oils.

The key is the right choice of acid. Experienced cosmetologist treatment should be chosen not only as effective as possible, but also the safest for the skin of each of us. Ferulic acid and glycolic acids have potent anti – aging, but they are not suitable for people struggling with inflammatory changes, which is recommended to choose a mandelic acid or salicylic acid.

To go a step further, consider the implementation of exfoliation treatments using technology hightech, for example treatment Geneo +. It utilizes the natural mechanisms of the body, acting on three levels: peeling of skin layer, the absorption of basic components revitalizing the skin and natural oxygenation of the skin from the inside.

Rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction – is it possible?

Many people share care anti – aging care for the manual, and this with the use of Botox or hyaluronic acid. However, there is a form of indirect and does not require invasive intervention into the skin, causing her while much more deeply and intensely. It is again high tech technology, and with it, its use further. Ultrasound technology available in machines such as Accent Prime, removes fat from selected area, allowing the chin to reduce or improve the shape of the face. Legend Pollogen is to turn radio waves of high frequency, reaching the dermis, stimulating collagen production, resulting in brightening, smoothing, and thus achieve a radiant, fresh appearance.

Legend to Pollogen also allow the treatment, which is the radiofrequency microneedle, which is painless penetration of the skin ultra-thin microneedle that using radio waves to stimulate the natural production of hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for filling wrinkles, furrows and natural skin tone.

Nutrition and hydration – that is, let’s go back to basics

In addition to the external action of cosmetics with a strong concentration of active ingredients and oils or professional treatments of anti – aging, do not forget about the action on the skin from the inside! In autumn and winter, in fact, we often forget about the appropriate level of hydration. Willing to reach for hot beverages such as coffee or tea. Skipping the water in the daily menu is not a beneficial effect on skin condition. 2 liters of water that must! SPA 1306 Baths Maltese