How to look stunning at the party? Nine things you should do the day before …

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How to look stunning at the party? Nine things you should do the day before …

How to look stunning at the party? Nine things you should do the day before …

New Year’s Eve, this one day of the year when you want to look szałowo. A month before wondering what to put, and to choose what shoes or nails will fit. This is all very important, but the second factor is to prepare the body. Protect adequately, will provide a fresh look as the best holidays. Read some of our tips and you’ll surely have everything tip top.

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1. Get some sleep to

Nothing helps like a dream, otherwise you could have rested longer to play. The day before the big output, it is important to have a good night’s sleep, because during sleep all regeneration processes occur more intensively. Before getting out of bed is neatly poprzeciągajmy. It stimulates circulation and relaxes the muscles, which is useful when szykowaniu all-day and evening fun. In addition, your face will be grateful, no bags, bruises from fatigue. Listen to us.

2. Make a scrub

The day before the full body scrub peeling particles thick. Exactly do it all over his body. We put on a slightly damp skin. Massage in a circular motion, then rinse thoroughly. After we put the peeling favorite cosmetic moisturizing – olive body lotion or butter. Thanks to your skin will look healthy and radiant.

3. Ironing

Ironing is the appropriate action the day before, the main thing to get ready everything yourself. It makes no sense in a day of fun with a towel on his head, one eye and painted during cooking dinner to fire iron. Przypalisz something else.

4. mask

It’s the day. You had no time to sleep, and you can have time to drink a cup of coffee and lie down for 30 minutes. Take advantage and attitudes on the mask prior to match it to your skin. The best moisturizing. Put these drastic better. They can only hurt and irritate delicate skin. A good trick is its descent in the refrigerator. Then Apply the mask, cucumber slices on the eyes, a book in his hand and welcome humidification.

5. Makeup

After all sections complexion is moisturized and radiant. Makeup continues longer, but be sure to appropriate steps. Start with a good base cream, then the primer is best. On our page you will find makijażowe such proposals. Glitter strobing. At the end of the entire spray fixative, and to throw the bag Blotting Paper and powder.

6. styling

You do not have to spend hours twirling hair curling iron or brush maneuver. You can create beautiful curls in a quick and simple way. Weave the damp hair in a tight braid and leave it overnight. In the morning you will see the beautiful waves in the hair. Another way the rolls, wash your hair in the morning, the wind the rollers and you can easily walk around the house. Just spray on varnish and ready Be sure to carry in a purse or a small brush and comb the hair comb free time.

7. Manicure

Be sure to do a manicure. Groomed nails is a very important design element of every woman. Most often selected color is red or gold. However, the choice is yours stylemakers. In addition to a nice manicure take care of moisture, dry hands postarzają.

8. Prepare for Tomorrow

There is no point after an overnight madness pluck out of bed with a headache. Before leaving, ask yourself the water by the bed, painkillers and sleeping blindfold. You need to sleep and recharge your batteries. Naszykuj refreshing bath foam and should obtain the foods that complement the vitamins and nutrients, among others, tomato juice, eggs, honey.

9. Stand up and smile

After all, now just been fun. Remember that your smile and good humor is half the battle, if you want to shine this evening. Chest forward and leave old things in the old year and welcome the new challenge. Happy New Year!