Here are 14 mistakes urodowych. Probably you are making them every day

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Here are 14 mistakes urodowych. Probably you are making them every day

Here are 14 mistakes urodowych. Probably you are making them every day

Imagine that you stop to wash linens for a few months. You wince in disgust? Now imagine that every morning you put on make-up brush, who is wearing the same bacteria, and dust mites, which pillowcase not the first freshness. Impose a discipline – at least once a month do your pędzlom bath, preferably in superdelikatnym shampoo for children.

If you want even in the middle of winter, your skin looked like the sun-kissed seaside vacation, flip on the self-tanning bronzer. This cosmetic product is used for this, to improve the contours, not darken the skin a few tones. Bronzer, depending on the shape of your face, Apply in places you want to hide optically. Girls with round face should apply bronzer under the cheekbones, jaw line and under the hairline, and those with a more oval shape just under the cheekbones.

But you will not use it on the skin of the hand, so why tell him to take the exam in the wrong place? The perfume is best to start with, take some samples to check shades at home, because artificial light mall distorts the image. And then perform the experiment on the jaw line.

Each of us can happen that completed a crazy night dance on the table will not allow the treatment as trivial as a make-up removal. But as a rule, this ritual should be mandatory for you as a scrubbing teeth. Leaving the sleeping skin makeup, do not let her use the time needed for regeneration. You risk not only pimples, pimples and blemishes, but also the appearance of wrinkles faster. These imperfections then it will be difficult to hide an extra layer of primer.

Instead smoothly combine it with lipstick. Lipstick fade much faster than the liner pencil lines drawn, so after a few hours (especially a few meals!), Your lips will look like in the 90s – in the middle of the blade, framed on the outside line. This make up is a good idea for Halloween, worse, if you are going to work.

You do not go to the office in a bikini, right? It’s what you use cosmetics booked for the holiday (and those few poignant occasion in your life such as wedding best friend), when summer ended a long time ago? Waterproof ink weights lashes, making them susceptible to breaking. Equally dangerous is clocking eyelash curler, once they are painted.

I wonder that paint chip off after eight hours of clicking the keyboard. Even if you are impatient, take five minutes more on manicures, and thus avoid repeating the same tedious steps several times a week. Base and top coat paint not only strengthen but also nourish your nails, so first of all choose cosmetics based on natural oils.

Primer is to emphasize strengths and hide flaws, and not to change you into someone you’re not. Daily makeup should not resemble theatrical characterization, especially the trendiest is going natural make up no make up. A well-chosen primer applied a thin layer on the face does its job. So be sure to select not only shade, but also opaque texture – matte or slightly glossy.

And then nervously eyes are sawing swab, which osypuje glitter particles. Base under the shadows is not a cosmetic zbytkowym or fraud cosmetic companies, aimed at both of you hard-earned money. This product will work especially with the older, already slightly wrinkled skin, compensate for its color and structure.

Do not you want to view in the mirror immediately after waking up? They scare you dark circles under the eyes, swelling of the eyelid and spider veins? We know this pain. But you have to overcome, because the painting in the dark, in the middle of the day, you can see that the zombies closer to us than Kylie Jenner. Best take out the mirror closest to the window to catch daylight beauty sites. And if you are going to gently lit room only, eg. A candlelight dinner, recreate the atmosphere in your home, make-up to match the occasion.

As you throw yogurt, which ended with the expiration date yesterday, be consistent in taking care of health. Overdue cosmetics on your skin can react spotty, and even atopic dermatitis.

Dreaming that your skin will be thanks to him seemed more luminous, younger, less tired. Forget it! Bright shade equalizer in contrast to the primer will look unnatural.

Stressing the wrinkles around the eyes and fine Italian. Matt really only requires a T-zone – forehead, nose and chin. The rest of the skin can be radiant, even natural oils.

Risking immediate formation of lumps. As a result, the skin is not only unevenly coated with a primer, but it looks greasy. Extend your morning about five minutes – after showering, apply the cream, brew a cup of coffee, eat a leisurely breakfast, and only then do makeup.

If you want to look like Kardashianki, Poles are increasingly choosing treatments for enhancing eyelashes. Those that have not yet undergone the surgery compaction natural lashes, they buy fake eyelashes to gluing. And on New Year’s Eve instead, they use them from 9 to 17. Please note that not really each of us must look like a stage actress of 20 years.