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Splat Special

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Splat Special

Splat Special

Each toothpaste series SPLAT SPECIAL contains a unique set of active components, it has a unique color and flavor, and also tells a little story based on the ideas and wishes of our customers. A series of toothpastes SPLAT SPECIAL responds to the different needs of our customers. They appreciate them both persons who during the selection of products for oral hygiene are guided by bleaching, protective and antibacterial properties, as well as those for whom it is important that effective but very gentle cleansing. SPLAT SPECIAL series is primarily paste action:

1. The complex (Gold and Stress-off);

2. bleaching and restoring the natural whiteness of the enamel (Blackwood, Black Lotus, Nordic Berries, Wonder White Extreme White);

3. virus (Silver and Love);

4. The leveling tooth sensitivity (Magnolia Dream);

5. The amplifying and recovering glass (Sea Minerals);

6. tend to the gums (Chili and Organic).

Their compositions are unique and exclusive of natural components such as plant extracts, essential oils, gold particles, silver ions, diamond powder, arginine, royal jelly, activated carbon bamboo, beads peroxide karmabidu and numerous enzymes and vitamins. They are free of irritating ingredients, abrasive enamel, synthetic antiseptics, and the contents of components responsible for creating the foam therein is reduced to a minimum.

This is what distinguishes toothpaste series SPLAT SPECIAL:

1. innovation and efficiency – produced under the control of convolution using a patented technology of innovative and original recipes. Their effectiveness has been confirmed by numerous clinical studies.

2. Natural composition – products contain 92-99% of the ingredients of natural origin.

3. Secure active components – contain no SLS and SLES, triclosan, chlorhexidine saccharinate or abrasive ingredients enamel.

4. Development of love and passion – products was devoted maximum attention at every stage of production, quality control and distribution.

5. Unique and expected – based on the suggestions of customers and tailored to their individual wishes.

6. Safety and environmental protection – SPLAT production is CO2 neutral status and environmentally friendly – ISO 14001 everyday makeup club. Products are manufactured in a modern factory located in a clean area Valadi.

7. Effective removal of enamel discoloration due to the innovative whitening system Sp. White System® and component Polydon®.

8. intense strengthening the enamel due to the presence of calcium hydroxyapatite (HAP) and calcium bioactive Calcis obtained from the egg shell.

9. Protection of teeth, anti-inflammatory and hemostatic.

10. Versatility – pastes are designed for everyday use.

11. Personal Service – available for both products with fluoride, and without it. They are composed so as to comply with a number of different consumer needs.

12. Created with respect for animals – toothpaste does not contain in their composition of products of animal origin. They were not, they are not and will never be tested on animals.

Who are products of a series SPLAT PROFESSIONAL?

In particular for active people who are looking for individuality and diversity, they strive for success and to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and everyday consumer choices when looking for such products that best reflect their selves.


Now it’s time for your skin! Autumn and winter – the best time to care for anti-aging.

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Now it’s time for your skin! Autumn and winter – the best time to care for anti-aging.

Now it’s time for your skin! Autumn and winter – the best time to care for anti-aging.

When the weather outside the window becomes less conducive to the activity in the outside, it comes time to thoroughly take care of the condition of your skin. Smaller favors UV treatments during this period in the field of care anti – aging. We see them not only more effective, but also the lack of side effects. What treatments choose to restore your complexion look healthy, devoid of both early and advanced signs of aging? How to take care of your skin, to make it fresh, radiant and tense? They advise experts from the Poznan Spa Baths in 1306 in Malta

United three or exfoliation, cleansing and regeneration

Year-round use sunblock certainly have a beneficial effect on our skin. However, the skin subjected to months by factors such as strong solar radiation or swimming in the sea, requires professional care. Exfoliation during the daily, home care is necessary, but does not replace professional treatment acids. The acids are appropriate form of care for all skin types, depending on the choice and type of their power. Exfoliating the stratum corneum, stimulate its reconstruction, accelerate the synthesis of collagen, moisturize and shallow wrinkles lifestyle articles. The skin not only regains its natural brightness and appearance, but it also becomes more susceptible to the action of active ingredients contained in creams, masks and oils.

The key is the right choice of acid. Experienced cosmetologist treatment should be chosen not only as effective as possible, but also the safest for the skin of each of us. Ferulic acid and glycolic acids have potent anti – aging, but they are not suitable for people struggling with inflammatory changes, which is recommended to choose a mandelic acid or salicylic acid.

To go a step further, consider the implementation of exfoliation treatments using technology hightech, for example treatment Geneo +. It utilizes the natural mechanisms of the body, acting on three levels: peeling of skin layer, the absorption of basic components revitalizing the skin and natural oxygenation of the skin from the inside.

Rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction – is it possible?

Many people share care anti – aging care for the manual, and this with the use of Botox or hyaluronic acid. However, there is a form of indirect and does not require invasive intervention into the skin, causing her while much more deeply and intensely. It is again high tech technology, and with it, its use further. Ultrasound technology available in machines such as Accent Prime, removes fat from selected area, allowing the chin to reduce or improve the shape of the face. Legend Pollogen is to turn radio waves of high frequency, reaching the dermis, stimulating collagen production, resulting in brightening, smoothing, and thus achieve a radiant, fresh appearance.

Legend to Pollogen also allow the treatment, which is the radiofrequency microneedle, which is painless penetration of the skin ultra-thin microneedle that using radio waves to stimulate the natural production of hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for filling wrinkles, furrows and natural skin tone.

Nutrition and hydration – that is, let’s go back to basics

In addition to the external action of cosmetics with a strong concentration of active ingredients and oils or professional treatments of anti – aging, do not forget about the action on the skin from the inside! In autumn and winter, in fact, we often forget about the appropriate level of hydration. Willing to reach for hot beverages such as coffee or tea. Skipping the water in the daily menu is not a beneficial effect on skin condition. 2 liters of water that must! SPA 1306 Baths Maltese


The exact location where the pockets should be determined one simple trick

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The exact location where the pockets should be determined one simple trick

The exact location where the pockets should be determined one simple trick

Daily hair styling will be much shorter if you follow this quick trick hairdressers stars Perfect parting is on the line, which sets the highest point of your eyebrow TheGirlMakeup It was he who lead the head along the parting line, which will highlight the setting eyes, bring out the cheekbones and enhance makeup

Incredibly refreshes the face! Additionally, you can extract the facial hair behind her ear


How to look stunning at the party? Nine things you should do the day before …

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How to look stunning at the party? Nine things you should do the day before …

How to look stunning at the party? Nine things you should do the day before …

New Year’s Eve, this one day of the year when you want to look szałowo. A month before wondering what to put, and to choose what shoes or nails will fit. This is all very important, but the second factor is to prepare the body. Protect adequately, will provide a fresh look as the best holidays. Read some of our tips and you’ll surely have everything tip top.

SEE: simple trick, so that can stand all night in high heels!

1. Get some sleep to

Nothing helps like a dream, otherwise you could have rested longer to play. The day before the big output, it is important to have a good night’s sleep, because during sleep all regeneration processes occur more intensively. Before getting out of bed is neatly poprzeciągajmy. It stimulates circulation and relaxes the muscles, which is useful when szykowaniu all-day and evening fun. In addition, your face will be grateful, no bags, bruises from fatigue. Listen to us.

2. Make a scrub

The day before the full body scrub peeling particles thick. Exactly do it all over his body. We put on a slightly damp skin. Massage in a circular motion, then rinse thoroughly. After we put the peeling favorite cosmetic moisturizing – olive body lotion or butter. Thanks to your skin will look healthy and radiant.

3. Ironing

Ironing is the appropriate action the day before, the main thing to get ready everything yourself. It makes no sense in a day of fun with a towel on his head, one eye and painted during cooking dinner to fire iron. Przypalisz something else.

4. mask

It’s the day. You had no time to sleep, and you can have time to drink a cup of coffee and lie down for 30 minutes. Take advantage and attitudes on the mask prior to match it to your skin. The best moisturizing. Put these drastic better. They can only hurt and irritate delicate skin. A good trick is its descent in the refrigerator. Then Apply the mask, cucumber slices on the eyes, a book in his hand and welcome humidification.

5. Makeup

After all sections complexion is moisturized and radiant. Makeup continues longer, but be sure to appropriate steps. Start with a good base cream, then the primer is best. On our page you will find makijażowe such proposals. Glitter strobing. At the end of the entire spray fixative, and to throw the bag Blotting Paper and powder.

6. styling

You do not have to spend hours twirling hair curling iron or brush maneuver. You can create beautiful curls in a quick and simple way. Weave the damp hair in a tight braid and leave it overnight. In the morning you will see the beautiful waves in the hair. Another way the rolls, wash your hair in the morning, the wind the rollers and you can easily walk around the house. Just spray on varnish and ready Be sure to carry in a purse or a small brush and comb the hair comb free time.

7. Manicure

Be sure to do a manicure. Groomed nails is a very important design element of every woman. Most often selected color is red or gold. However, the choice is yours stylemakers. In addition to a nice manicure take care of moisture, dry hands postarzają.

8. Prepare for Tomorrow

There is no point after an overnight madness pluck out of bed with a headache. Before leaving, ask yourself the water by the bed, painkillers and sleeping blindfold. You need to sleep and recharge your batteries. Naszykuj refreshing bath foam and should obtain the foods that complement the vitamins and nutrients, among others, tomato juice, eggs, honey.

9. Stand up and smile

After all, now just been fun. Remember that your smile and good humor is half the battle, if you want to shine this evening. Chest forward and leave old things in the old year and welcome the new challenge. Happy New Year!


Sleeping in this way harms your health and beauty. In winter, many people make this mistake

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Sleeping in this way harms your health and beauty. In winter, many people make this mistake

Sleeping in this way harms your health and beauty. In winter, many people make this mistake

You should not sleep with his head while the radiator

High temperatures and dry air have a disastrous impact on our health and beauty. Sleeping with the head near a heater disassembled hardly rested at night, and we can wake up even more tired.

Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, sleep expert, explains that our brain works much better in a slightly lower temperatures. Overheating him very harmful and can disturb our sleep cycle. Holding her head next to the radiator unscrewed we risk overheating. This results in headaches and insomnia as well as fatigue and irritability during the day. Dr. Cameron Van den Heuvel from the University of Adelaide stresses that higher temperature makes it difficult to sleep.

Heating also adversely affects our skin. It makes it becomes desiccated and flushed. By dehydration evident fine wrinkles and skin loses its luster. We then wake up with a heavily chapped lips. Moreover, keeping the head on the radiator increases oily hair. During the winter due to heating hats and a big problem. Sleeping next to the radiator worsens the situation further.

Sleeping with the head while the radiator can also cause breathing problems. Hot, overdried air negatively affects the mucous membranes. In the long run can lead to annoying cough or runny nose.

Experts believe that it is best to sleep in a cool, well-ventilated area. Of course, everyone’s body is different and there is no single prescription. The optimum temperature for different people can be different. Sleeping with the window open or not anyone will serve. Surely, however, you should not put the head while the radiator.

If you can not imagine screwing heater for the evening, you might want to consider switching beds, so that our head is as far away from the heat source.

If you have trouble falling asleep, try the Japanese technique of breathing, which calms and soothes anxiety. Moon breathing helps to deal with the tensions throughout the day and provides a peaceful, healthy sleep.

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