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Here are 14 mistakes urodowych. Probably you are making them every day

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Here are 14 mistakes urodowych. Probably you are making them every day

Here are 14 mistakes urodowych. Probably you are making them every day

Imagine that you stop to wash linens for a few months. You wince in disgust? Now imagine that every morning you put on make-up brush, who is wearing the same bacteria, and dust mites, which pillowcase not the first freshness. Impose a discipline – at least once a month do your pędzlom bath, preferably in superdelikatnym shampoo for children.

If you want even in the middle of winter, your skin looked like the sun-kissed seaside vacation, flip on the self-tanning bronzer. This cosmetic product is used for this, to improve the contours, not darken the skin a few tones. Bronzer, depending on the shape of your face, Apply in places you want to hide optically. Girls with round face should apply bronzer under the cheekbones, jaw line and under the hairline, and those with a more oval shape just under the cheekbones.

But you will not use it on the skin of the hand, so why tell him to take the exam in the wrong place? The perfume is best to start with, take some samples to check shades at home, because artificial light mall distorts the image. And then perform the experiment on the jaw line.

Each of us can happen that completed a crazy night dance on the table will not allow the treatment as trivial as a make-up removal. But as a rule, this ritual should be mandatory for you as a scrubbing teeth. Leaving the sleeping skin makeup, do not let her use the time needed for regeneration. You risk not only pimples, pimples and blemishes, but also the appearance of wrinkles faster. These imperfections then it will be difficult to hide an extra layer of primer.

Instead smoothly combine it with lipstick. Lipstick fade much faster than the liner pencil lines drawn, so after a few hours (especially a few meals!), Your lips will look like in the 90s – in the middle of the blade, framed on the outside line. This make up is a good idea for Halloween, worse, if you are going to work.

You do not go to the office in a bikini, right? It’s what you use cosmetics booked for the holiday (and those few poignant occasion in your life such as wedding best friend), when summer ended a long time ago? Waterproof ink weights lashes, making them susceptible to breaking. Equally dangerous is clocking eyelash curler, once they are painted.

I wonder that paint chip off after eight hours of clicking the keyboard. Even if you are impatient, take five minutes more on manicures, and thus avoid repeating the same tedious steps several times a week. Base and top coat paint not only strengthen but also nourish your nails, so first of all choose cosmetics based on natural oils.

Primer is to emphasize strengths and hide flaws, and not to change you into someone you’re not. Daily makeup should not resemble theatrical characterization, especially the trendiest is going natural make up no make up. A well-chosen primer applied a thin layer on the face does its job. So be sure to select not only shade, but also opaque texture – matte or slightly glossy.

And then nervously eyes are sawing swab, which osypuje glitter particles. Base under the shadows is not a cosmetic zbytkowym or fraud cosmetic companies, aimed at both of you hard-earned money. This product will work especially with the older, already slightly wrinkled skin, compensate for its color and structure.

Do not you want to view in the mirror immediately after waking up? They scare you dark circles under the eyes, swelling of the eyelid and spider veins? We know this pain. But you have to overcome, because the painting in the dark, in the middle of the day, you can see that the zombies closer to us than Kylie Jenner. Best take out the mirror closest to the window to catch daylight beauty sites. And if you are going to gently lit room only, eg. A candlelight dinner, recreate the atmosphere in your home, make-up to match the occasion.

As you throw yogurt, which ended with the expiration date yesterday, be consistent in taking care of health. Overdue cosmetics on your skin can react spotty, and even atopic dermatitis.

Dreaming that your skin will be thanks to him seemed more luminous, younger, less tired. Forget it! Bright shade equalizer in contrast to the primer will look unnatural.

Stressing the wrinkles around the eyes and fine Italian. Matt really only requires a T-zone – forehead, nose and chin. The rest of the skin can be radiant, even natural oils.

Risking immediate formation of lumps. As a result, the skin is not only unevenly coated with a primer, but it looks greasy. Extend your morning about five minutes – after showering, apply the cream, brew a cup of coffee, eat a leisurely breakfast, and only then do makeup.

If you want to look like Kardashianki, Poles are increasingly choosing treatments for enhancing eyelashes. Those that have not yet undergone the surgery compaction natural lashes, they buy fake eyelashes to gluing. And on New Year’s Eve instead, they use them from 9 to 17. Please note that not really each of us must look like a stage actress of 20 years.


Splat Special

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Splat Special

Splat Special

Each toothpaste series SPLAT SPECIAL contains a unique set of active components, it has a unique color and flavor, and also tells a little story based on the ideas and wishes of our customers. A series of toothpastes SPLAT SPECIAL responds to the different needs of our customers. They appreciate them both persons who during the selection of products for oral hygiene are guided by bleaching, protective and antibacterial properties, as well as those for whom it is important that effective but very gentle cleansing. SPLAT SPECIAL series is primarily paste action:

1. The complex (Gold and Stress-off);

2. bleaching and restoring the natural whiteness of the enamel (Blackwood, Black Lotus, Nordic Berries, Wonder White Extreme White);

3. virus (Silver and Love);

4. The leveling tooth sensitivity (Magnolia Dream);

5. The amplifying and recovering glass (Sea Minerals);

6. tend to the gums (Chili and Organic).

Their compositions are unique and exclusive of natural components such as plant extracts, essential oils, gold particles, silver ions, diamond powder, arginine, royal jelly, activated carbon bamboo, beads peroxide karmabidu and numerous enzymes and vitamins. They are free of irritating ingredients, abrasive enamel, synthetic antiseptics, and the contents of components responsible for creating the foam therein is reduced to a minimum.

This is what distinguishes toothpaste series SPLAT SPECIAL:

1. innovation and efficiency – produced under the control of convolution using a patented technology of innovative and original recipes. Their effectiveness has been confirmed by numerous clinical studies.

2. Natural composition – products contain 92-99% of the ingredients of natural origin.

3. Secure active components – contain no SLS and SLES, triclosan, chlorhexidine saccharinate or abrasive ingredients enamel.

4. Development of love and passion – products was devoted maximum attention at every stage of production, quality control and distribution.

5. Unique and expected – based on the suggestions of customers and tailored to their individual wishes.

6. Safety and environmental protection – SPLAT production is CO2 neutral status and environmentally friendly – ISO 14001 everyday makeup club. Products are manufactured in a modern factory located in a clean area Valadi.

7. Effective removal of enamel discoloration due to the innovative whitening system Sp. White System® and component Polydon®.

8. intense strengthening the enamel due to the presence of calcium hydroxyapatite (HAP) and calcium bioactive Calcis obtained from the egg shell.

9. Protection of teeth, anti-inflammatory and hemostatic.

10. Versatility – pastes are designed for everyday use.

11. Personal Service – available for both products with fluoride, and without it. They are composed so as to comply with a number of different consumer needs.

12. Created with respect for animals – toothpaste does not contain in their composition of products of animal origin. They were not, they are not and will never be tested on animals.

Who are products of a series SPLAT PROFESSIONAL?

In particular for active people who are looking for individuality and diversity, they strive for success and to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and everyday consumer choices when looking for such products that best reflect their selves.


The bigger the waist, the harder it is to choose a wardrobe

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The bigger the waist, the harder it is to choose a wardrobe

The bigger the waist, the harder it is to choose a wardrobe

Young man with a generally lean silhouette, but with a much protruding belly – a common sight. Can you be obese normal weight?

There are disease entity such as an obese person of normal weight – the so-called latent obesity. This is a condition where the patient has a normal weight of the BMI, and the body composition shows a significant amount of adipose tissue or visceral adiposity. That is why it is very important to carry out the study of body composition by BIA. It is much more accurate than simply measuring total body weight.

What threat to health inherent in having donuts on your stomach?

Sam oponka not so bad, of course, beyond the aesthetic issues. However, if we are talking about increased visceral fat, which is located in the abdomen beneath the muscle, then we can have health threat.

Why excess visceral fat is harmful?

Because the overgrown with internal organs such as liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, which impairs their performance. The increased amount of visceral fat increases the risk for all metabolic diseases, which include type II diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, gout, stroke, myocardial infarction, and even oncological diseases.

My guess, however, that the majority of men seek help, only when health begins to fail them … Mr top mum links. react earlier?

Because abdominal obesity is not only a problem for men, right? Obesity can touch everyone regardless of sex or age. Unfortunately, at the present time we have more and more obese children, which does not bode optimistic about their adult patients życie.Wśród dietician still dominated by women, who are naturally more care about their health and appearance. Gentlemen, unfortunately, the report is a little late, often after unsuccessful attempts to slim independent. Keep in mind that prevention, ie preventing the excessive body fat is much easier than dieting, then weight maintenance.

And if the patients there are also children?

Yes, there are. However, this is often compared to the percentage of obese children. Working with children is different from adults, because the child does not see so much the relationship between food consumed and him alone. In addition, parents and grandparents are largely responsible for what you give your child to eat. Here, the work consists of educating the whole environment around the child and the family often observed among some kind of discharge of liability for another family member.

As far as weight gain is most often used a body mass index (BMI). Is abdominal obesity are some additional determinants?

BMI is the most universal indicator only takes into account growth and overall body weight, so it is very well suited for use in the assessment of population, and if we consider a particular person, you should always take into account other indicators. As for the diagnosis of abdominal obesity, it works well WHR, the ratio of waist to hip. If the result is greater in women than 0.8, and a man greater than 1, then we are talking already about the type of abdominal obesity, android obesity. However, this is not the same as visceral fat. To determine specifically what is its level in the body, the BIA should do research or even more precise, they are magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography or X-rays – DXA densitometry. However, studies are quite expensive and often unnecessarily aggravating the patient’s harmful rays.

When should now seriously take back? How to act in order to be healthy weight loss?

It is best to take care of yourself in order to prevent the formation of excessive amounts of fat in the body. Keep in mind that a person who at least once in life was overweight and obesity and later returned to a normal body weight, is much more predisposed to assume the weight compared to a person who has always had the correct mass ciała.Najlepiej is a simple way home once a week, preferably in the morning before breakfast after going to the toilet, measure their weight. In this way you can easily capture the moment when something is wrong with our weight and appropriately react quickly.

How to act? First of all, look at your own habits, and not one particular meal. Regularity is very important. We should eat at least three meals a day. The most common mistake is not eating all day, and then make up for this evening. Not infrequently, the indulgence evening snack. The body reacts very badly to provide such a large amount of calories in a short time in the evening and starvation for most of the day. Even if we were to eat something not very healthy, but it would be distributed throughout the day, the body can easily handle it.

Excess fat in the abdominal muscle is commonly referred to as beer. Is actually on its formation is influenced by the amount of alcohol you drink?

The problem is not alcohol itself, but the amount of easily digestible carbohydrates. Beer contains a lot of carbohydrates with high glycemic index, which affects easy on the body fatness. In fact, all products with high GI foods eaten in large quantities (because the portion size is key here) affect tycie.Jeśli As for the alcohol, its effect is to damage the liver, and as a idzie- reducing its efficiency while also processes metabolic disorders.


Six accessories to makeup, which dreams of every woman

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Six accessories to makeup, which dreams of every woman

Six accessories to makeup, which dreams of every woman

Perfectly executed makeup is not only the merit of good quality cosmetics To get the best results will be useful as a professional makeup accessories that facilitate the distribution of cosmetics on the face Usually, however, we consider them an unnecessary expense Thanksgiving is the perfect time to complete a beautician own and not close to us women Glifestyle

In each of the ladies’ dressing contains basic utensils makeup such as foundation or mascara Use a brush to shadow or mascara eyelash curler can already teenagers Color cosmetics market is full of products, but we are happy that we have tested, if not limit our budget This type of accessories are a great gift idea for St Nicholas See what to give for santa claus miłośniczce care and cosmetics


The exact location where the pockets should be determined one simple trick

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The exact location where the pockets should be determined one simple trick

The exact location where the pockets should be determined one simple trick

Daily hair styling will be much shorter if you follow this quick trick hairdressers stars Perfect parting is on the line, which sets the highest point of your eyebrow TheGirlMakeup It was he who lead the head along the parting line, which will highlight the setting eyes, bring out the cheekbones and enhance makeup

Incredibly refreshes the face! Additionally, you can extract the facial hair behind her ear


How to look stunning at the party? Nine things you should do the day before …

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How to look stunning at the party? Nine things you should do the day before …

How to look stunning at the party? Nine things you should do the day before …

New Year’s Eve, this one day of the year when you want to look szałowo. A month before wondering what to put, and to choose what shoes or nails will fit. This is all very important, but the second factor is to prepare the body. Protect adequately, will provide a fresh look as the best holidays. Read some of our tips and you’ll surely have everything tip top.

SEE: simple trick, so that can stand all night in high heels!

1. Get some sleep to

Nothing helps like a dream, otherwise you could have rested longer to play. The day before the big output, it is important to have a good night’s sleep, because during sleep all regeneration processes occur more intensively. Before getting out of bed is neatly poprzeciągajmy. It stimulates circulation and relaxes the muscles, which is useful when szykowaniu all-day and evening fun. In addition, your face will be grateful, no bags, bruises from fatigue. Listen to us.

2. Make a scrub

The day before the full body scrub peeling particles thick. Exactly do it all over his body. We put on a slightly damp skin. Massage in a circular motion, then rinse thoroughly. After we put the peeling favorite cosmetic moisturizing – olive body lotion or butter. Thanks to your skin will look healthy and radiant.

3. Ironing

Ironing is the appropriate action the day before, the main thing to get ready everything yourself. It makes no sense in a day of fun with a towel on his head, one eye and painted during cooking dinner to fire iron. Przypalisz something else.

4. mask

It’s the day. You had no time to sleep, and you can have time to drink a cup of coffee and lie down for 30 minutes. Take advantage and attitudes on the mask prior to match it to your skin. The best moisturizing. Put these drastic better. They can only hurt and irritate delicate skin. A good trick is its descent in the refrigerator. Then Apply the mask, cucumber slices on the eyes, a book in his hand and welcome humidification.

5. Makeup

After all sections complexion is moisturized and radiant. Makeup continues longer, but be sure to appropriate steps. Start with a good base cream, then the primer is best. On our page you will find makijażowe such proposals. Glitter strobing. At the end of the entire spray fixative, and to throw the bag Blotting Paper and powder.

6. styling

You do not have to spend hours twirling hair curling iron or brush maneuver. You can create beautiful curls in a quick and simple way. Weave the damp hair in a tight braid and leave it overnight. In the morning you will see the beautiful waves in the hair. Another way the rolls, wash your hair in the morning, the wind the rollers and you can easily walk around the house. Just spray on varnish and ready Be sure to carry in a purse or a small brush and comb the hair comb free time.

7. Manicure

Be sure to do a manicure. Groomed nails is a very important design element of every woman. Most often selected color is red or gold. However, the choice is yours stylemakers. In addition to a nice manicure take care of moisture, dry hands postarzają.

8. Prepare for Tomorrow

There is no point after an overnight madness pluck out of bed with a headache. Before leaving, ask yourself the water by the bed, painkillers and sleeping blindfold. You need to sleep and recharge your batteries. Naszykuj refreshing bath foam and should obtain the foods that complement the vitamins and nutrients, among others, tomato juice, eggs, honey.

9. Stand up and smile

After all, now just been fun. Remember that your smile and good humor is half the battle, if you want to shine this evening. Chest forward and leave old things in the old year and welcome the new challenge. Happy New Year!


Derma roller – what it is, how to use it and what gives you results?

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Derma roller – what it is, how to use it and what gives you results?

Derma roller – what it is, how to use it and what gives you results?

Derma Roller is widely used in cosmetic surgeries – it is used, among others, the rejuvenation and cellulite. Its proper use brings many benefits, it is no wonder that sales also appeared derma rollery for home use.
What is their function? How to safely use the Derma Roller? Read the article and learn more.

Derma roller for home use in the form of a roll of thin, very short needles. It stretches the skin – the result of a mechanical micro-puncture created and developed inflammation is controlled. This leads to the stimulation of the skin’s natural regeneration. It begins with increased production of collagen and elastin, resulting in skin intensely rebuilds. The skin looks more radiant, is firm and elastic, and wrinkles are shallower. With mikronakłuciom skin better absorb the active ingredients of cosmetics.

It begins with increased production of collagen and elastin, resulting in skin intensely rebuilds

Indications for use dermo Roller

Using Derma Roller is recommended primarily to people who are facing the following problems:

  • acne scars,
  • wrinkles, loss of facial contours and other aging changes,
  • loss of firmness and elasticity of the skin,
  • discoloration.

This treatment, performed on areas of the body such as the arms or thighs, also helps to reduce the visibility of stretch marks and cellulite.

How to choose a derma roller?

Derma rollery household differ mainly in the length of the needles (from 0.25 to 1.5 mm). The choice depends on the length:

the length of the needle

  • the place where the surgery will be performed – devices with shorter needles are designed for delicate areas of the face (eg. the eye area), rollery with longer needles – for body treatments,

the place where the surgery will be performed

  • skin problem – roller with longer needles (1 mm or more) is intended for the treatment aimed at reducing cellulite, scars, and stretch marks.

skin problem

  • skin type – people with thin and delicate skin should start with the shortest rollerów of needles and, if necessary, and is tolerating the treatment to reach for the needle of 0.5 mm and longer.

skin type

It is not true that the longer the needle translates into better treatment effects. Long needles do not aggravate wife with style production, and their use is justified by the greater thickness of the epidermis (the thinnest located around the eyes – the thickest on the fingertips and heels).

Needle length also affects the frequency of the procedure – the longer the needle, the longer should be a break between the different uses of Roller:

the longer the needle, the longer should be a break between the different uses of Roller:

  • Roller treatment of needles with a length of 0.25 mm may be repeated every two days.
  • with needles 0.50 mm – 1 once a week,
  • with needles 1.00 mm – not more often than every 2-3 weeks.
  • with needles longer than 1 mm – at six weeks.

How to use derma roller?

Before each use derma roller must be disinfected (eg. Osteniseptem or liquid disinfectant for medical equipment), and the skin cleaned thoroughly. If you have a low pain threshold, you can also gently numb, for example. Disinfected by applying ice packs.

roller should be disinfected
and the skin cleaned thoroughly

The procedure can be carried out on dry skin or after applying the cosmetic her, matched to skin type and any skin problem. Particularly well suited ampoules and cheese blends containing such active ingredients as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, or peptides. Pricking makes the fact that the beneficial ingredients are absorbed better.

on application to it the cosmetic, tailored to skin type and any skin problem

Then you can proceed to roll over:

  • best done 5-6 trips in one place (each time raising and roll back to the start point), and then move to an adjacent space,
  • first around the area rollowanym perform vertical movements and horizontal (or vice versa)
  • during a roll over roller does not press down, just stretch the skin lightly with his free hand.

Warning! It advised not to roll over the eyelids. The skin there is very thin and delicate.

Warning! It advised not to roll over the eyelids.

After completion of the treatment, the skin may be red, slightly swollen and sore. These symptoms, however, pass up automatically after a few hours. After the procedure should apply the soothing cosmetics containing, for example. Allantoin and panthenol. There should be neither too oily nor the more potentially irritating (like peels). While the roller should be thoroughly washed and dried.

cosmetics mitigation

What you have to watch?

After the treatment with derma Roller to avoid exposure to sunlight – this can lead to irritation, flaking of the skin or the appearance of pimples. You should also give up drinking alcohol, use of swimming pool and sauna. Possible sustained inflammation and redness can also be the result of insufficient disinfection of the shaft.

Avoid exposure to sunlight
give up drinking alcohol, use of swimming pool and sauna

Unfortunately, there are also contraindications to the use derma Roller. Belong to them:

contraindications to the use of Derma Roller

  • acne (including pinkish)
  • psoriasis,
  • coagulation disorders,
  • eczema,
  • herpes,
  • group.All and other inflammatory skin lesions,
  • diabetes,
  • skin capillaries,
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding.

How to lose weight fast with the leg? Check!

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How to lose weight fast with the leg? Check!

How to lose weight fast with the leg? Check!

Although most often a greater waist circumference is an incentive to drop kilos of extra-curricular, the question of how to lose weight with legs preoccupies many people, especially women. Usually the idea is to get smaller thigh circumference, because it is in them – as well as in the buttocks and hips – in the case of female accumulate most body fat. The simplest answer to how to lose weight with the feet is: just lose weight. This process consists in that the caloric deficit (accept less calories than is our need, for example. 1500 kcal per day instead of 200 kcal), the body begins to burn stores as fat. Solution is to use the weight loss legs, as well as other parts of the body, dieting. Of course, this process can also help you exercise.

The best for weight loss is aerobic exercise (aerobic), cardio and interval training. The former rely on the moderate, long-term effort, the second last less but are more intense (increase heart rate), and an exercise in intervals rely on interweaving a more strenuous effort with less demanding. As the most effective solutions, also with slim legs, mentions mainly running – even on a treadmill – swimming, riding a bike or jumping rope. If our goal is slender legs, but it is worth not limited to one activity.

The best for weight loss is aerobic exercise (aerobic), cardio and interval training
primarily running – even on a treadmill – swimming, riding a bike or jumping rope

How to lose weight fast with the leg?

Patience in the world today is not the forte of many of us. Not surprisingly, the question like “how to lose weight fast feet” enjoy such great popularity. Meanwhile, in this case the equipment in the patient may be a necessity. That’s how fast weight loss and areas of the body that are most susceptible to fat loss is a personal matter. It depends on our genes, metabolism, but also age. This does not mean, however, that in the struggle for a slimmer legs we rely solely on genes, diet tedious and repetitive training. There are treatments and exercises developed in order to significantly speed up the process. To the extent that the questions: How to lose weight with the legs in a month or even how to lose weight in a week with the legs are not unreasonable. Often, even in a short time can lead to a reduction in the circumference of thighs or calves. How?

How quickly lose weight with legs – treatments

They serve the various types of treatments. That’s all:

    Slimming massages (including those performed by themselves, with the help of Chinese oils or bubbles).
    Lymphatic drainage, which reduces swelling and helps rid the body of excess water. Modern aesthetic medicine has in store for the more invasive method.

  • Slimming massages (including those performed by themselves, with the help of Chinese oils or bubbles).

  • Lymphatic drainage, which reduces swelling and helps rid the body of excess water. Modern aesthetic medicine has in store for the more invasive method.

  • For treatments to achieve the effect of slimming the legs belong .:

      Liposuction (liposuction cannulas).
      Kriopoliza (which includes the use of low temperature to destroy fat cells).
      Carbosyntheraphy (application under the skin of medical carbon dioxide).

  • Liposuction (liposuction cannulas).

  • Kriopoliza (which includes the use of low temperature to destroy fat cells).

  • Carbosyntheraphy (application under the skin of medical carbon dioxide).

  • Treatment is the fastest way to slim the legs, and more precisely – their slimming and smoothing. Usually the results are visible immediately (not in case of liposuction – at the beginning accompanied by swelling). It is possible to simply reduce the circumference of thighs and calves (slim) in a month or even a week. The disadvantage is that treatments that require financial outlays. The most expensive procedures, liposuction – depending on the city and the reputation of the clinic, in which it is performed, the prices range from several to several thousand as part of the thighs.

    How quickly lose weight with legs – exercises

    Chudnięciu undoubted support in the feet (and entire body) are practicing this very party. Squats, lunges, scissors – typically the most popular elements of the training sets “on legs”, “thigh”, “calf”. To do it properly, it is best to ask for help personal trainer who will show proper technique and effort to adapt our capabilities. Another option is to use the tutorials available online for free – eg. On YouTube. Many professionals demonstrates the workouts on legs that can be repeated in whole or opt only for specific exercises. Particular popular workouts on the legs pilates and yoga, because they are not too intense, and help wysmuklić this part of the body. Of course, the best and fastest results in slim legs give a combination of several ways. Diet, regular exercise and treatments (eg. A massage at home) is a simple way to get your dream result.

    Squats, lunges, scissors