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Hair oiling – my proven home methods

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Hair oiling – my proven home methods

oil for hair

Hair oiling is a procedure that allows you to nourish your hair in a natural way. The type of oil to be used for care is determined by the structure and porosity of the hair. As a rule, we distinguish 3 types of porosity: high, medium and low. Determine your hair type and see how to properly perform the treatment.

Hair oiling – home methods
It’s time to start the great hair oil test! I myself have been a faithful follower of regular hair oiling for a long time. Thanks to this procedure, it was not difficult to grow long hair – I simply replaced the hairdressing scissors with the appropriate oil.

I must admit that this experiment was a lot of fun for me, because I could invite my friends to it: Jane and Ann. Each of us has long and – it would seem – reasonably healthy hair, but it differs significantly in structure. Hopefully the results of this experiment will help you decide what kind of home oil care is best for you.

Wet oiling with coconut oil – low porosity hair
Coconut oil for hairAnicie’s hairstyles were envied by everyone – her hair grows very quickly, and above all, there are a lot of them – hairdressers always recommend thinning her hair.

Her hair is very shiny, thick and flowing, which is why we classify it as a perfect example of low porosity hair. For her hair, Anita chose generally available, beautifully fragrant and healthy coconut oil, which she applied to wet hair, leaving the oil to absorb overnight.

How to perform wet oiling?

  1. Pick up solid coconut oil (buy on Makeupyes) on your hand.
  2. Apply the oil to washed, wet hair, approx. 3-5 cm from the root of the hair.
  3. Cover the head with cling film or a shower cap.
  4. Leave the oil on your head overnight.
  5. Rinse the oil several times with shampoo without SLS or SLES and apply the conditioner.

Maybe you will ask a question – okay, but why oil healthy hair? The answer may be banal, but just so that they remain so. After applying coconut oil, your hair becomes deeply moisturized and even shinier.

If you are afraid that they will become excessively oily, simply use less oil for the treatment. Remember, your hair should be thoroughly covered, but that doesn’t mean you need to use up the entire jar of oil. Usually, Anita uses about 3 handfuls of oil to cover the entire surface of the hair.

Heating the hair by wrapping it with a cap or cling film causes the cuticles to open and the beneficial ingredients of the oil penetrate into its structure.

Anita chose the technique of applying oil to wet hair for purely practical reasons – when wet, it simply has a smaller volume and it is easier to perform the treatment.

The next day, after the first shampooing, your hair may still be a little burdened – so it is a good idea to perform hair oiling when you don’t have to leave the house the next day. It is not worth scrubbing your hair with heavy detergents to bring it to the state of absolute cleanliness immediately – this way you will also wash off the beneficial effect of the treatment.

Night oiling with argan oil – medium porosity hair
argan oil for hair

And in the end I am left – somewhere in between. My hair is in good condition, but the Californian sun and the natural tendency of my hair to dry out make it medium porosity. I decided to give my hair a truly royal treatment with the use of argan oil.

How to do it?

  1. Rub a few drops of argan oil between your hands.
  2. Rub the oil into washed but dry hair in strands, from root to tip.
  3. Braid your hair and cover it with a towel.
  4. Leave the oil on your hair overnight.
  5. Rinse the oil several times with shampoo without SLS or SLES and apply the conditioner.

Argan oil, due to its structure (it is an oil containing polyunsaturated acids), is also recommended for high porosity hair. It also contains a large dose of vitamin E, which also has a good effect on the skin.

As my hair, being medium porosity, absorbs the oil at medium speed, and argan oil has a large particle structure, I left it on my hair all night long.

Effect? The hair became silky smooth and was easy to comb.

Dry oiling with grape seed oil – high porosity hair
Grape seed oil for hair Ola’s hair is the complete opposite – beautiful, although strained by straightening and bleaching hair, calls for proper lubrication and reconstruction.

Her hair tends to be frizzy, falling out and split ends.

Ola’s hair can definitely be called high porosity hair. Ola does not perform hair oiling on a regular basis, so I recommended her favorite grape seed oil because they needed proper hydration.

To perform dry oiling of high porosity hair:

  1. Rub the grape seed oil with your hands, heating its temperature.
  2. Apply the oil to washed, dry hair from roots to ends.
  3. Braid your hair and cover it with a towel, plastic cap or cling film.
  4. Leave the oil on your hair for 2-3 hours.
  5. Rinse the oil several times with shampoo without SLS or SLES and apply the conditioner.

When disassembling the treatment into first particles – high porosity hair reacts well to oils with large particles – their opened cuticles are supplemented by them.

High porosity hair is very thirsty and absorbs the oil quickly, so you can wash your hair off after a few hours. The same in this case, to enhance the effect of the treatment, you can wrap your hair with a cap, towel or foil to open the hair cuticles. (How to care for high porosity hair?)

Effects? The split ends were not so visible anymore, and the hair gained shine. Ola also noticed that there is more hair and, above all, much heavier and less hay.

Finally, one more tip: why do we oil washed hair? If you put the oil on dirty hair (e.g. two-day-old hair), it is covered with particles and impurities, which, firstly, block the oil from reaching the inside of the hair, and, secondly, after opening the cuticle, impurities can get into it, along with the beneficial ingredients found in the oil.


Splat Special

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Splat Special

Splat Special

Each toothpaste series SPLAT SPECIAL contains a unique set of active components, it has a unique color and flavor, and also tells a little story based on the ideas and wishes of our customers. A series of toothpastes SPLAT SPECIAL responds to the different needs of our customers. They appreciate them both persons who during the selection of products for oral hygiene are guided by bleaching, protective and antibacterial properties, as well as those for whom it is important that effective but very gentle cleansing. SPLAT SPECIAL series is primarily paste action:

1. The complex (Gold and Stress-off);

2. bleaching and restoring the natural whiteness of the enamel (Blackwood, Black Lotus, Nordic Berries, Wonder White Extreme White);

3. virus (Silver and Love);

4. The leveling tooth sensitivity (Magnolia Dream);

5. The amplifying and recovering glass (Sea Minerals);

6. tend to the gums (Chili and Organic).

Their compositions are unique and exclusive of natural components such as plant extracts, essential oils, gold particles, silver ions, diamond powder, arginine, royal jelly, activated carbon bamboo, beads peroxide karmabidu and numerous enzymes and vitamins. They are free of irritating ingredients, abrasive enamel, synthetic antiseptics, and the contents of components responsible for creating the foam therein is reduced to a minimum.

This is what distinguishes toothpaste series SPLAT SPECIAL:

1. innovation and efficiency – produced under the control of convolution using a patented technology of innovative and original recipes. Their effectiveness has been confirmed by numerous clinical studies.

2. Natural composition – products contain 92-99% of the ingredients of natural origin.

3. Secure active components – contain no SLS and SLES, triclosan, chlorhexidine saccharinate or abrasive ingredients enamel.

4. Development of love and passion – products was devoted maximum attention at every stage of production, quality control and distribution.

5. Unique and expected – based on the suggestions of customers and tailored to their individual wishes.

6. Safety and environmental protection – SPLAT production is CO2 neutral status and environmentally friendly – ISO 14001 everyday makeup club. Products are manufactured in a modern factory located in a clean area Valadi.

7. Effective removal of enamel discoloration due to the innovative whitening system Sp. White System® and component Polydon®.

8. intense strengthening the enamel due to the presence of calcium hydroxyapatite (HAP) and calcium bioactive Calcis obtained from the egg shell.

9. Protection of teeth, anti-inflammatory and hemostatic.

10. Versatility – pastes are designed for everyday use.

11. Personal Service – available for both products with fluoride, and without it. They are composed so as to comply with a number of different consumer needs.

12. Created with respect for animals – toothpaste does not contain in their composition of products of animal origin. They were not, they are not and will never be tested on animals.

Who are products of a series SPLAT PROFESSIONAL?

In particular for active people who are looking for individuality and diversity, they strive for success and to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and everyday consumer choices when looking for such products that best reflect their selves.


Santa Claus gifts for her – for the wife, girlfriend, we

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Santa Claus gifts for her – for the wife, girlfriend, we

Santa Claus gifts for her – for the wife, girlfriend, we

Santa claus gift for a girl

What to buy for the girl santa claus? Let us remember that this is not December 6 star. Gifts given this opportunity is rather small things from the heart. Many guys selecting anything but an original poses little difficulty. Especially for them, so we present a crib sheet with useful gifts for the girl, mom and wife. You will find here something for the body and spirit, a lot of nice smells and useful accessories. With these gifts to please every woman.

Santa claus gift for a girl – warming tea

If you’re wondering what to buy for a girl santa claus, we have a simple answer: the December frosts spicy tea will be perfect. The addition of spices brew will smell like a Christmas gingerbread Woman styles. It’s a very good idea for a gift for a girl, especially if she likes to spend winter evenings under a blanket and holding a book. For a decent cup of tea will cost around 20 zlotys.

Santa claus gift for a girl – Brush Tangle Teezer

It’s an absolute must-have in a long-haired beauty girl. A small plastic brush painlessly rozczesze all tangle hair and add shine. If your girlfriend is not yet such, we certainly appreciate her this gift. Original brush Tangle Teezer costs about 35 zlotys. Affordable and useful gift for a girl santa claus.

Santa claus gift for a girl – scented candle

Decorative, flavored candle is always a good gift for a girl santa claus. If you do not know what the smell decide, let’s put on the classics – vanilla, caramel or white flowers. The popular Yankee Candle candle in a small jar costs about 40 zlotys.

Santa claus gift for a girl – sweet hot water bottle

The perfect gift for zmarźlucha. Hot contribution to warm the feet and aching stomach, and sweet cover melts the heart. Such a hot water bottle in the shape of a teddy bear costs little, because about 20 zlotys. So if you are wondering what to buy for a girl santa claus, this trifle warm her heart – literally!

Santa claus gift for a girl, and we have – casket for jewelry

Fallen from tangled chains and earrings are the bane of almost every woman. I think that is a box in which it can safely store your valuables. Thanks to the small gift box jewelry collection will always be ordered in the right place. Simple but enjoying eye casket for jewelry will cost about 35 zlotys. The perfect gift for the girl in the santa claus and we have.

Santa claus gift for a girl, and we have – hand cream to frost

In December skin it is particularly vulnerable to dry, so this proposal could solve the dilemma of “what to buy for a girl santa claus”. In this situation it is necessary to hand cream so special, regenerating properties. It does not cost much (approx. 20 zł), and useful on cold days. With such a gift is also sure to please mom. Her hands will certainly be grateful for such a gift to St. Nicholas.

Santa claus gift for girlfriends and wives – makeup sponge

This inconspicuous piece of sponge is a real hit among makijażystek. Thanks to the low consumption of the primer to give a uniform coverage of the facial skin. It will be a good gift for a girl santa claus and wife. Makeup sponge costs about 30 zlotys.

Santa claus gift for girlfriends and wives – nail polish in a festive color

Pre-Christmas period is associated with the stickiness of dumplings, slicing vegetables and wash frequently. All these activities make regular nail polish simply sag. If you are wondering on what to buy for a girl santa claus, it is worth paying attention to this product. Cosmetic reputable company that is able to withstand much longer, because St. Nicholas is the perfect gift. For varnish Essie pay about 40 dollars.


The bigger the waist, the harder it is to choose a wardrobe

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The bigger the waist, the harder it is to choose a wardrobe

The bigger the waist, the harder it is to choose a wardrobe

Young man with a generally lean silhouette, but with a much protruding belly – a common sight. Can you be obese normal weight?

There are disease entity such as an obese person of normal weight – the so-called latent obesity. This is a condition where the patient has a normal weight of the BMI, and the body composition shows a significant amount of adipose tissue or visceral adiposity. That is why it is very important to carry out the study of body composition by BIA. It is much more accurate than simply measuring total body weight.

What threat to health inherent in having donuts on your stomach?

Sam oponka not so bad, of course, beyond the aesthetic issues. However, if we are talking about increased visceral fat, which is located in the abdomen beneath the muscle, then we can have health threat.

Why excess visceral fat is harmful?

Because the overgrown with internal organs such as liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, which impairs their performance. The increased amount of visceral fat increases the risk for all metabolic diseases, which include type II diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, gout, stroke, myocardial infarction, and even oncological diseases.

My guess, however, that the majority of men seek help, only when health begins to fail them … Mr top mum links. react earlier?

Because abdominal obesity is not only a problem for men, right? Obesity can touch everyone regardless of sex or age. Unfortunately, at the present time we have more and more obese children, which does not bode optimistic about their adult patients życie.Wśród dietician still dominated by women, who are naturally more care about their health and appearance. Gentlemen, unfortunately, the report is a little late, often after unsuccessful attempts to slim independent. Keep in mind that prevention, ie preventing the excessive body fat is much easier than dieting, then weight maintenance.

And if the patients there are also children?

Yes, there are. However, this is often compared to the percentage of obese children. Working with children is different from adults, because the child does not see so much the relationship between food consumed and him alone. In addition, parents and grandparents are largely responsible for what you give your child to eat. Here, the work consists of educating the whole environment around the child and the family often observed among some kind of discharge of liability for another family member.

As far as weight gain is most often used a body mass index (BMI). Is abdominal obesity are some additional determinants?

BMI is the most universal indicator only takes into account growth and overall body weight, so it is very well suited for use in the assessment of population, and if we consider a particular person, you should always take into account other indicators. As for the diagnosis of abdominal obesity, it works well WHR, the ratio of waist to hip. If the result is greater in women than 0.8, and a man greater than 1, then we are talking already about the type of abdominal obesity, android obesity. However, this is not the same as visceral fat. To determine specifically what is its level in the body, the BIA should do research or even more precise, they are magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography or X-rays – DXA densitometry. However, studies are quite expensive and often unnecessarily aggravating the patient’s harmful rays.

When should now seriously take back? How to act in order to be healthy weight loss?

It is best to take care of yourself in order to prevent the formation of excessive amounts of fat in the body. Keep in mind that a person who at least once in life was overweight and obesity and later returned to a normal body weight, is much more predisposed to assume the weight compared to a person who has always had the correct mass ciała.Najlepiej is a simple way home once a week, preferably in the morning before breakfast after going to the toilet, measure their weight. In this way you can easily capture the moment when something is wrong with our weight and appropriately react quickly.

How to act? First of all, look at your own habits, and not one particular meal. Regularity is very important. We should eat at least three meals a day. The most common mistake is not eating all day, and then make up for this evening. Not infrequently, the indulgence evening snack. The body reacts very badly to provide such a large amount of calories in a short time in the evening and starvation for most of the day. Even if we were to eat something not very healthy, but it would be distributed throughout the day, the body can easily handle it.

Excess fat in the abdominal muscle is commonly referred to as beer. Is actually on its formation is influenced by the amount of alcohol you drink?

The problem is not alcohol itself, but the amount of easily digestible carbohydrates. Beer contains a lot of carbohydrates with high glycemic index, which affects easy on the body fatness. In fact, all products with high GI foods eaten in large quantities (because the portion size is key here) affect tycie.Jeśli As for the alcohol, its effect is to damage the liver, and as a idzie- reducing its efficiency while also processes metabolic disorders.


Six accessories to makeup, which dreams of every woman

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Six accessories to makeup, which dreams of every woman

Six accessories to makeup, which dreams of every woman

Perfectly executed makeup is not only the merit of good quality cosmetics To get the best results will be useful as a professional makeup accessories that facilitate the distribution of cosmetics on the face Usually, however, we consider them an unnecessary expense Thanksgiving is the perfect time to complete a beautician own and not close to us women Glifestyle

In each of the ladies’ dressing contains basic utensils makeup such as foundation or mascara Use a brush to shadow or mascara eyelash curler can already teenagers Color cosmetics market is full of products, but we are happy that we have tested, if not limit our budget This type of accessories are a great gift idea for St Nicholas See what to give for santa claus miłośniczce care and cosmetics


Using perfume, almost all make this mistake. Smell is changing and shorter persists

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Using perfume, almost all make this mistake. Smell is changing and shorter persists

Using perfume, almost all make this mistake. Smell is changing and shorter persists

Perfumes are not only clothes as the second element and not only finishing creation. Thanks to them we feel more confident, more attractive, we establish social contacts easier – we simply better. Besides the smell creates our image. That is why it is so important to feel the smell of a favorite perfume as long as possible katies mind. Our habits are not conducive to this – especially one of the most common mistake when applying perfume. He draws the attention of Francis Kurkdjian.

How to use perfume scent to linger longer? The most common mistake

– You know that the correct applying perfume depends entirely on the environment in which they are worn, and the outfit to which they relate? – notes on the pages of “Vogue” perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. In his opinion, the most common mistake you commit, using perfume, is sprinkling wrists, and then rubbing them.

– Rubbing wrists causes heating of the skin that produces natural enzymes. They are changing the course of oxidation smell. This action makes the scent loses its clarity. To perfume persisted longer on the skin simply sprayed both wrists and let the smell “blend” in the skin – can Kurkdjian.

Another mistake is applying perfume on dry skin. Expert suggests, therefore, that prior to their application to impose a body lotion having the same composition odorless perfume or lotion, or oil.

How to use perfume: places in which to apply scent and how?

Perfume is best applied to the exposed parts of the body and where the skin is particularly heat (which intensifies the smell). So best to use perfume around the neck, wrists, bend elbows, under earlobes, behind the knee, in the chest area.

The best body spray them from a distance of approx. 20 cm from the skin. It is worth remembering that when rozprowadzimy perfume on a larger part of the body, the smell will linger longer than when it will be placed liberally in a small area.

Perfumes can be used not only on the skin. A good idea is to spray the perfume of delicate hair brush and comb the hair slightly damp it.

How to use the men’s fragrances?

Using perfume, men should remember to use them sparingly, and to sprinkle their body, not clothes. Perfume or perfumed water is best applied on the neck, wrists and elbows bend, which we wrote above. In the case of cologne or toilet – they can also be applied to the torso.

It is widely accepted that the smell of perfume and other “perfume” we choose the time of day, dress and occasion. Perfumes and perfumed water, especially heavier-dominant scents are best suited for the evening or winter. Light fleeting notes usually are reserved for the day.

Some experts encourage to attempt to change – as of perfumes to choose a more expressive for the evening and put on something lighter.

How to store perfume to smell was permanent?

To preserve the stability of odor and clarity is important not only the way of administration, but also the proper storage of perfume. – Perfumes are very sensitive to temperature changes – such fluctuations make the product is aging faster – explains Francis Kurkdjian. Perfumer reminds you not to leave bottles of perfume in the sun.

In his opinion, the best place to store perfume is a box in which they were originally packed. Also encourages buying smaller bottles, especially if you often reach for different odors. It is worth to buy them in small bottles, thanks to retain freshness longer.


Vampire facelift – what is this method and what are its effects?

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Vampire facelift – what is this method and what are its effects?

Vampire facelift – what is this method and what are its effects?

Vampire facelift – what is it?

Lifting a vampire-rich plasma injections skin. Platelet rich plasma (from the English platelet-rich plasma, or PRP for short) is in turn processed preparation obtained from blood, which – if it is executed correctly – has regenerative properties.

To vampire facelift uses the blood of the person on which surgery is performed. The downloaded material syringe after specialist preparation is injected into the patient’s skin – usually the face and neck, but also the neck, hands and head.

What effect has a cause vampire facelift? The treatment is advertising promises of eliminating wrinkles, smoothing skin, removing skin lesions (eg, discoloration and acne scars after undergoing). Platelet-rich plasma therapy has also accelerate skin regeneration and help in removing stretch marks and hair loss treatment. Overall, the vampire facelift aims to rejuvenate the patient.

Vampire facelift – course

Lifting vampire begins with the collection of blood person with whom will be executed (you need to be on an empty stomach). Blood is taken from the patient’s vein. Next, a blood product, which is used for the treatment platelet rich plasma – is separated from the blood plasma and added special reagent.

After these two steps start key part vampire lifting, the puncturing portion of the skin and injecting it plasma. The specialist performing the procedure puts a needle in a patient’s skin to a depth of a few milliliters. Injecting a plasma-rich rejuvenate the skin by stimulating the cells to increased collagen production and vessels. In a word – vampire facelift is designed to stimulate the natural physiological processes.

During the procedure the skin prick blood appears, which may cause some patients discomfort. Is the vampire facelift hurt? Some patients say that was only slightly unpleasant, and others that felt more or less the pain of pricking. Fortunately, before the procedure you can opt to use anesthetic cream or gel, a place that has to be subjected to treatment.

The procedure takes tens of minutes up to one hour. Convalescence after a well-made vampire facelift is not very long; the skin is usually slightly swollen, red and tender, but after a few days everything returns to normal.

Vampire facelift – effects, before and after

Many people are asking whether the vampire facelift works, how it looks before and after the skin. Some patients who has undergone treatment, says that the results vampire facelift can be seen after a few days – the skin looks fresher, more rested. The effects of platelet-rich plasma injections to persist up to one and a half year. Specialists who perform vampire facelift, recommend further such treatments.

Vampire facelift has not only advantages but also disadvantages. They stem mostly from the fact that undergo surgery are people who have a contraindication to him, that is, for example, cancer or blood diseases, pregnancy, breastfeeding, intake of certain medications. In such cases, the surgery can lead to complications. Usually, however, the side effects are subtle – mainly redness of the skin, its temporary hypersensitivity or bruises resulting from punctures. Vampire facelift is considered safe.

Vampire facelift – at what age it is best to choose?

For whom is a vampire facelift? Platelet-rich plasma therapy is recommended for people who are aged 30 years. The desired effects will not be in the elderly over the age of 60 years. The treatment is not recommended, therefore, very young people and seniors.

Vampire facelift – price

How much vampire facelift? The price depends on many factors. The most important role plays the part of the body, the vampire facelift is performed. It is usually the most expensive facelift scalp. It’s also the reputation of the office or the city in which it is located, is also a key level of services and trust enjoyed by specialists in the study. However, you can assume that the price vampire facelift ranges from $600 to $2,000 for the procedure (of course it can happen that the surgery would be cheaper or more expensive than those listed here fork).

Vampire facelift – which made him a star?

Vampire lifting largely propagated Kim Kardashian. Celebrity in 2013 surrendered to the vampire facelift as part of the reality show “Kourtney and Khloe go to Miami.” Internet Instagram picture with her, which showed its bloody face after surgery. Photography quickly became wiralem.

Five years later, in 2018, Kim confessed that she was a vampire facelift was very painful and would not do it a second time. “Just before surgery I found out that I’m pregnant, so I could not use any anesthetic or analgesic cream” – wrote in his blog star. “It was really hard for me and painful.

In case the surgery 2,019 years Kim Kardashian once again gained notoriety – celebrity accused the doctor who performed her vampire facelift unlawful use of its trade mark. The star was not pleased with this, among other things, that Charles Runels advertised their treatment of her name on his office website. Vampire facelift also passed, among others, actress Bar Refaeli, celebrity Keira Maguire and actor, writer, singer and Rupert Everett.


How to lose weight fast with the leg? Check!

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How to lose weight fast with the leg? Check!

How to lose weight fast with the leg? Check!

Although most often a greater waist circumference is an incentive to drop kilos of extra-curricular, the question of how to lose weight with legs preoccupies many people, especially women. Usually the idea is to get smaller thigh circumference, because it is in them – as well as in the buttocks and hips – in the case of female accumulate most body fat. The simplest answer to how to lose weight with the feet is: just lose weight. This process consists in that the caloric deficit (accept less calories than is our need, for example. 1500 kcal per day instead of 200 kcal), the body begins to burn stores as fat. Solution is to use the weight loss legs, as well as other parts of the body, dieting. Of course, this process can also help you exercise.

The best for weight loss is aerobic exercise (aerobic), cardio and interval training. The former rely on the moderate, long-term effort, the second last less but are more intense (increase heart rate), and an exercise in intervals rely on interweaving a more strenuous effort with less demanding. As the most effective solutions, also with slim legs, mentions mainly running – even on a treadmill – swimming, riding a bike or jumping rope. If our goal is slender legs, but it is worth not limited to one activity.

The best for weight loss is aerobic exercise (aerobic), cardio and interval training
primarily running – even on a treadmill – swimming, riding a bike or jumping rope

How to lose weight fast with the leg?

Patience in the world today is not the forte of many of us. Not surprisingly, the question like “how to lose weight fast feet” enjoy such great popularity. Meanwhile, in this case the equipment in the patient may be a necessity. That’s how fast weight loss and areas of the body that are most susceptible to fat loss is a personal matter. It depends on our genes, metabolism, but also age. This does not mean, however, that in the struggle for a slimmer legs we rely solely on genes, diet tedious and repetitive training. There are treatments and exercises developed in order to significantly speed up the process. To the extent that the questions: How to lose weight with the legs in a month or even how to lose weight in a week with the legs are not unreasonable. Often, even in a short time can lead to a reduction in the circumference of thighs or calves. How?

How quickly lose weight with legs – treatments

They serve the various types of treatments. That’s all:

    Slimming massages (including those performed by themselves, with the help of Chinese oils or bubbles).
    Lymphatic drainage, which reduces swelling and helps rid the body of excess water. Modern aesthetic medicine has in store for the more invasive method.

  • Slimming massages (including those performed by themselves, with the help of Chinese oils or bubbles).

  • Lymphatic drainage, which reduces swelling and helps rid the body of excess water. Modern aesthetic medicine has in store for the more invasive method.

  • For treatments to achieve the effect of slimming the legs belong .:

      Liposuction (liposuction cannulas).
      Kriopoliza (which includes the use of low temperature to destroy fat cells).
      Carbosyntheraphy (application under the skin of medical carbon dioxide).

  • Liposuction (liposuction cannulas).

  • Kriopoliza (which includes the use of low temperature to destroy fat cells).

  • Carbosyntheraphy (application under the skin of medical carbon dioxide).

  • Treatment is the fastest way to slim the legs, and more precisely – their slimming and smoothing. Usually the results are visible immediately (not in case of liposuction – at the beginning accompanied by swelling). It is possible to simply reduce the circumference of thighs and calves (slim) in a month or even a week. The disadvantage is that treatments that require financial outlays. The most expensive procedures, liposuction – depending on the city and the reputation of the clinic, in which it is performed, the prices range from several to several thousand as part of the thighs.

    How quickly lose weight with legs – exercises

    Chudnięciu undoubted support in the feet (and entire body) are practicing this very party. Squats, lunges, scissors – typically the most popular elements of the training sets “on legs”, “thigh”, “calf”. To do it properly, it is best to ask for help personal trainer who will show proper technique and effort to adapt our capabilities. Another option is to use the tutorials available online for free – eg. On YouTube. Many professionals demonstrates the workouts on legs that can be repeated in whole or opt only for specific exercises. Particular popular workouts on the legs pilates and yoga, because they are not too intense, and help wysmuklić this part of the body. Of course, the best and fastest results in slim legs give a combination of several ways. Diet, regular exercise and treatments (eg. A massage at home) is a simple way to get your dream result.

    Squats, lunges, scissors


    Fruity dizziness, or cosmetics with blueberries

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    Fruity dizziness, or cosmetics with blueberries

    Fruity dizziness, or cosmetics with blueberries

    Blueberry C-Tox, the new line of care products, which was created for face care and with respect for the environment. Vegan recipes closed in innovative products in the style #foodie. Pleasure use in combination with efficiency provides foam, mousse, and yogurt smoothie. Cosmetics are used for skin care odwonionej and dull. Their composition is a seed oil blueberry – a byproduct from the production of juices. Products are also rich in other ingredients such as fruit – cranberry extract, raspberry seed oil extract, yuzu and raspberry extract. Formula supplemented with vitamin C.

    Moisturizing cream-foam brightening

    Vegan cream-mousse with blueberry line C-Tox is designed for daily care of skin dehydrated and dull. The cream moisturizes, regenerates and smoothes the skin prone to drying. It reduces the feeling of tightness and discomfort. Illuminates and gives radiance, improves skin condition. Seed oil contains blueberries, formed as a byproduct from the production of juices. This component #lesswaste nourishing, moisturizing and antioxidant properties. Vitamin C lightens discoloration, and cranberry extract restores the skin elasticity and firmness. Lightweight foam formula does not aggravate the skin, absorbs quickly and well distributed.

    Serum moisturizing and illuminating

    Serum vegan blueberry yogurt with the C-Tox, it is designed for daily care of skin odwonionej and dull. Dried-serum hydrates the skin, reduces the feeling of tightness and discomfort. It improves the appearance of the skin, gives it a glow. Seed oil contains blueberries, formed as a byproduct from the production of juices. This component #lesswaste nourishing and antioxidant properties. Vitamin C lightens discolorations and raspberry seed oil moisturizes and smoothes the skin. Light, yogurt formula does not aggravate the skin, absorbs quickly and well distributed.

    Mousse Cleanser

    Vegan mousse cleanser Blueberry line C-Tox is designed for daily cleaning and treatment of skin dehydrated and dull. Effectively removes impurities and excess sebum. Seed oil contains blueberries, formed as a byproduct from the production of juices. This component #lesswaste nourishing and antioxidant properties. Vitamin C lightens discoloration, and raspberry extract refreshes, tones and col. Light, creamy formula does not aggravate the skin, it gives the effect of purity and freshness. It prepares the skin for further care.

    Mask – moisturizing and illuminating smoothie

    Vegan mask smoothie Blueberry line C-Tox, is intended for the care of dehydrated and dull. Moisturizes and smoothes the skin prone to drying. Seed oil contains blueberries, formed as a byproduct from the production of juices. This component #lesswaste nourishing, moisturizing and antioxidant properties. Vitamin C lightens discolorations, and yuzu extract smooths the skin, restoring its luster. Light, smoothie-like formula gives the effect of satin softness.