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Now it’s time for your skin! Autumn and winter – the best time to care for anti-aging.

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Now it’s time for your skin! Autumn and winter – the best time to care for anti-aging.

Now it’s time for your skin! Autumn and winter – the best time to care for anti-aging.

When the weather outside the window becomes less conducive to the activity in the outside, it comes time to thoroughly take care of the condition of your skin. Smaller favors UV treatments during this period in the field of care anti – aging. We see them not only more effective, but also the lack of side effects. What treatments choose to restore your complexion look healthy, devoid of both early and advanced signs of aging? How to take care of your skin, to make it fresh, radiant and tense? They advise experts from the Poznan Spa Baths in 1306 in Malta

United three or exfoliation, cleansing and regeneration

Year-round use sunblock certainly have a beneficial effect on our skin. However, the skin subjected to months by factors such as strong solar radiation or swimming in the sea, requires professional care. Exfoliation during the daily, home care is necessary, but does not replace professional treatment acids. The acids are appropriate form of care for all skin types, depending on the choice and type of their power. Exfoliating the stratum corneum, stimulate its reconstruction, accelerate the synthesis of collagen, moisturize and shallow wrinkles lifestyle articles. The skin not only regains its natural brightness and appearance, but it also becomes more susceptible to the action of active ingredients contained in creams, masks and oils.

The key is the right choice of acid. Experienced cosmetologist treatment should be chosen not only as effective as possible, but also the safest for the skin of each of us. Ferulic acid and glycolic acids have potent anti – aging, but they are not suitable for people struggling with inflammatory changes, which is recommended to choose a mandelic acid or salicylic acid.

To go a step further, consider the implementation of exfoliation treatments using technology hightech, for example treatment Geneo +. It utilizes the natural mechanisms of the body, acting on three levels: peeling of skin layer, the absorption of basic components revitalizing the skin and natural oxygenation of the skin from the inside.

Rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction – is it possible?

Many people share care anti – aging care for the manual, and this with the use of Botox or hyaluronic acid. However, there is a form of indirect and does not require invasive intervention into the skin, causing her while much more deeply and intensely. It is again high tech technology, and with it, its use further. Ultrasound technology available in machines such as Accent Prime, removes fat from selected area, allowing the chin to reduce or improve the shape of the face. Legend Pollogen is to turn radio waves of high frequency, reaching the dermis, stimulating collagen production, resulting in brightening, smoothing, and thus achieve a radiant, fresh appearance.

Legend to Pollogen also allow the treatment, which is the radiofrequency microneedle, which is painless penetration of the skin ultra-thin microneedle that using radio waves to stimulate the natural production of hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for filling wrinkles, furrows and natural skin tone.

Nutrition and hydration – that is, let’s go back to basics

In addition to the external action of cosmetics with a strong concentration of active ingredients and oils or professional treatments of anti – aging, do not forget about the action on the skin from the inside! In autumn and winter, in fact, we often forget about the appropriate level of hydration. Willing to reach for hot beverages such as coffee or tea. Skipping the water in the daily menu is not a beneficial effect on skin condition. 2 liters of water that must! SPA 1306 Baths Maltese


Six accessories to makeup, which dreams of every woman

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Six accessories to makeup, which dreams of every woman

Six accessories to makeup, which dreams of every woman

Perfectly executed makeup is not only the merit of good quality cosmetics To get the best results will be useful as a professional makeup accessories that facilitate the distribution of cosmetics on the face Usually, however, we consider them an unnecessary expense Thanksgiving is the perfect time to complete a beautician own and not close to us women Glifestyle

In each of the ladies’ dressing contains basic utensils makeup such as foundation or mascara Use a brush to shadow or mascara eyelash curler can already teenagers Color cosmetics market is full of products, but we are happy that we have tested, if not limit our budget This type of accessories are a great gift idea for St Nicholas See what to give for santa claus miłośniczce care and cosmetics


Using perfume, almost all make this mistake. Smell is changing and shorter persists

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Using perfume, almost all make this mistake. Smell is changing and shorter persists

Using perfume, almost all make this mistake. Smell is changing and shorter persists

Perfumes are not only clothes as the second element and not only finishing creation. Thanks to them we feel more confident, more attractive, we establish social contacts easier – we simply better. Besides the smell creates our image. That is why it is so important to feel the smell of a favorite perfume as long as possible katies mind. Our habits are not conducive to this – especially one of the most common mistake when applying perfume. He draws the attention of Francis Kurkdjian.

How to use perfume scent to linger longer? The most common mistake

– You know that the correct applying perfume depends entirely on the environment in which they are worn, and the outfit to which they relate? – notes on the pages of “Vogue” perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. In his opinion, the most common mistake you commit, using perfume, is sprinkling wrists, and then rubbing them.

– Rubbing wrists causes heating of the skin that produces natural enzymes. They are changing the course of oxidation smell. This action makes the scent loses its clarity. To perfume persisted longer on the skin simply sprayed both wrists and let the smell “blend” in the skin – can Kurkdjian.

Another mistake is applying perfume on dry skin. Expert suggests, therefore, that prior to their application to impose a body lotion having the same composition odorless perfume or lotion, or oil.

How to use perfume: places in which to apply scent and how?

Perfume is best applied to the exposed parts of the body and where the skin is particularly heat (which intensifies the smell). So best to use perfume around the neck, wrists, bend elbows, under earlobes, behind the knee, in the chest area.

The best body spray them from a distance of approx. 20 cm from the skin. It is worth remembering that when rozprowadzimy perfume on a larger part of the body, the smell will linger longer than when it will be placed liberally in a small area.

Perfumes can be used not only on the skin. A good idea is to spray the perfume of delicate hair brush and comb the hair slightly damp it.

How to use the men’s fragrances?

Using perfume, men should remember to use them sparingly, and to sprinkle their body, not clothes. Perfume or perfumed water is best applied on the neck, wrists and elbows bend, which we wrote above. In the case of cologne or toilet – they can also be applied to the torso.

It is widely accepted that the smell of perfume and other “perfume” we choose the time of day, dress and occasion. Perfumes and perfumed water, especially heavier-dominant scents are best suited for the evening or winter. Light fleeting notes usually are reserved for the day.

Some experts encourage to attempt to change – as of perfumes to choose a more expressive for the evening and put on something lighter.

How to store perfume to smell was permanent?

To preserve the stability of odor and clarity is important not only the way of administration, but also the proper storage of perfume. – Perfumes are very sensitive to temperature changes – such fluctuations make the product is aging faster – explains Francis Kurkdjian. Perfumer reminds you not to leave bottles of perfume in the sun.

In his opinion, the best place to store perfume is a box in which they were originally packed. Also encourages buying smaller bottles, especially if you often reach for different odors. It is worth to buy them in small bottles, thanks to retain freshness longer.


Derma roller – what it is, how to use it and what gives you results?

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Derma roller – what it is, how to use it and what gives you results?

Derma roller – what it is, how to use it and what gives you results?

Derma Roller is widely used in cosmetic surgeries – it is used, among others, the rejuvenation and cellulite. Its proper use brings many benefits, it is no wonder that sales also appeared derma rollery for home use.
What is their function? How to safely use the Derma Roller? Read the article and learn more.

Derma roller for home use in the form of a roll of thin, very short needles. It stretches the skin – the result of a mechanical micro-puncture created and developed inflammation is controlled. This leads to the stimulation of the skin’s natural regeneration. It begins with increased production of collagen and elastin, resulting in skin intensely rebuilds. The skin looks more radiant, is firm and elastic, and wrinkles are shallower. With mikronakłuciom skin better absorb the active ingredients of cosmetics.

It begins with increased production of collagen and elastin, resulting in skin intensely rebuilds

Indications for use dermo Roller

Using Derma Roller is recommended primarily to people who are facing the following problems:

  • acne scars,
  • wrinkles, loss of facial contours and other aging changes,
  • loss of firmness and elasticity of the skin,
  • discoloration.

This treatment, performed on areas of the body such as the arms or thighs, also helps to reduce the visibility of stretch marks and cellulite.

How to choose a derma roller?

Derma rollery household differ mainly in the length of the needles (from 0.25 to 1.5 mm). The choice depends on the length:

the length of the needle

  • the place where the surgery will be performed – devices with shorter needles are designed for delicate areas of the face (eg. the eye area), rollery with longer needles – for body treatments,

the place where the surgery will be performed

  • skin problem – roller with longer needles (1 mm or more) is intended for the treatment aimed at reducing cellulite, scars, and stretch marks.

skin problem

  • skin type – people with thin and delicate skin should start with the shortest rollerów of needles and, if necessary, and is tolerating the treatment to reach for the needle of 0.5 mm and longer.

skin type

It is not true that the longer the needle translates into better treatment effects. Long needles do not aggravate wife with style production, and their use is justified by the greater thickness of the epidermis (the thinnest located around the eyes – the thickest on the fingertips and heels).

Needle length also affects the frequency of the procedure – the longer the needle, the longer should be a break between the different uses of Roller:

the longer the needle, the longer should be a break between the different uses of Roller:

  • Roller treatment of needles with a length of 0.25 mm may be repeated every two days.
  • with needles 0.50 mm – 1 once a week,
  • with needles 1.00 mm – not more often than every 2-3 weeks.
  • with needles longer than 1 mm – at six weeks.

How to use derma roller?

Before each use derma roller must be disinfected (eg. Osteniseptem or liquid disinfectant for medical equipment), and the skin cleaned thoroughly. If you have a low pain threshold, you can also gently numb, for example. Disinfected by applying ice packs.

roller should be disinfected
and the skin cleaned thoroughly

The procedure can be carried out on dry skin or after applying the cosmetic her, matched to skin type and any skin problem. Particularly well suited ampoules and cheese blends containing such active ingredients as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, or peptides. Pricking makes the fact that the beneficial ingredients are absorbed better.

on application to it the cosmetic, tailored to skin type and any skin problem

Then you can proceed to roll over:

  • best done 5-6 trips in one place (each time raising and roll back to the start point), and then move to an adjacent space,
  • first around the area rollowanym perform vertical movements and horizontal (or vice versa)
  • during a roll over roller does not press down, just stretch the skin lightly with his free hand.

Warning! It advised not to roll over the eyelids. The skin there is very thin and delicate.

Warning! It advised not to roll over the eyelids.

After completion of the treatment, the skin may be red, slightly swollen and sore. These symptoms, however, pass up automatically after a few hours. After the procedure should apply the soothing cosmetics containing, for example. Allantoin and panthenol. There should be neither too oily nor the more potentially irritating (like peels). While the roller should be thoroughly washed and dried.

cosmetics mitigation

What you have to watch?

After the treatment with derma Roller to avoid exposure to sunlight – this can lead to irritation, flaking of the skin or the appearance of pimples. You should also give up drinking alcohol, use of swimming pool and sauna. Possible sustained inflammation and redness can also be the result of insufficient disinfection of the shaft.

Avoid exposure to sunlight
give up drinking alcohol, use of swimming pool and sauna

Unfortunately, there are also contraindications to the use derma Roller. Belong to them:

contraindications to the use of Derma Roller

  • acne (including pinkish)
  • psoriasis,
  • coagulation disorders,
  • eczema,
  • herpes,
  • group.All and other inflammatory skin lesions,
  • diabetes,
  • skin capillaries,
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Sleeping in this way harms your health and beauty. In winter, many people make this mistake

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Sleeping in this way harms your health and beauty. In winter, many people make this mistake

Sleeping in this way harms your health and beauty. In winter, many people make this mistake

You should not sleep with his head while the radiator

High temperatures and dry air have a disastrous impact on our health and beauty. Sleeping with the head near a heater disassembled hardly rested at night, and we can wake up even more tired.

Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, sleep expert, explains that our brain works much better in a slightly lower temperatures. Overheating him very harmful and can disturb our sleep cycle. Holding her head next to the radiator unscrewed we risk overheating. This results in headaches and insomnia as well as fatigue and irritability during the day. Dr. Cameron Van den Heuvel from the University of Adelaide stresses that higher temperature makes it difficult to sleep.

Heating also adversely affects our skin. It makes it becomes desiccated and flushed. By dehydration evident fine wrinkles and skin loses its luster. We then wake up with a heavily chapped lips. Moreover, keeping the head on the radiator increases oily hair. During the winter due to heating hats and a big problem. Sleeping next to the radiator worsens the situation further.

Sleeping with the head while the radiator can also cause breathing problems. Hot, overdried air negatively affects the mucous membranes. In the long run can lead to annoying cough or runny nose.

Experts believe that it is best to sleep in a cool, well-ventilated area. Of course, everyone’s body is different and there is no single prescription. The optimum temperature for different people can be different. Sleeping with the window open or not anyone will serve. Surely, however, you should not put the head while the radiator.

If you can not imagine screwing heater for the evening, you might want to consider switching beds, so that our head is as far away from the heat source.

If you have trouble falling asleep, try the Japanese technique of breathing, which calms and soothes anxiety. Moon breathing helps to deal with the tensions throughout the day and provides a peaceful, healthy sleep.

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